The “Super Nationals” Presented by: RCDRL Texas and RLC Performance Engineering June 23rd -25th

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Highlighted Rule Reminders:
• 5 mph return road rule
• 2-minute MAX call time to starting line
• 10 min. repair time must be declared before drivers name and class is called
• 2-minute MAX staging time
• Cars with TSM or other driver steering assist devices must be declared prior to racing. Must be removed from vehicle.
• The RCDRL employs the First or Worst Rule (Please see 2017 Rule Book)

Episode #29 of the RCDRL Podcast Show

In episode #29 of the RCDRL Podcast Show, Host Heather Bowman and Michael Mercadel, chat it up about a variety of different subjects and discuss the upcoming RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals in more detail. They also have two special guest on today’s show, Dennis Forbes of Louisiana, and the RLC Super Nationals race sponsor Mr. Richard Cole of New Jersey. We have lots going on here today folks, so sit back relax and enjoy today’s show!

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Episode #28 of the RCDRL Podcast Show

On this episode of the RCDRL Podcast, we welcome several special guests!  Randy Mayhew joins Heather in the studio for the Comfort Technology Memorial Day Nationals race recap. Randy brings with him his humor, race knowledge and friendly banter as they cover the events that unfolded on Saturday.  With the Super Nationals right around the corner, RCDRL Studio B welcomes Beka Mercadel, a state licensed esthetician to discuss sun exposure and preventative methods to protect our skin from sun damage.  The Mighty Merc also makes an appearance in the studio and touches on the subject of, you guessed it, Super Nationals and gives the “Tech Tip of the Week!”  He also visits with Texas’ newest team, B&B Racing!  All of this and more, hitting your ear drums right now from the RCDRL Podcast Show!

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Episode #27 of the RCDRL Podcast Show

In this week’s episode of the RCDRL podcast, Heather Bowman takes the reigns with co-host JD Crow along with special guest Jesse Hernandez of Comfort Technologies.  The three discuss  Jesse’s recent trip to Puerto Rico to check out an RC club there along with how Jesse got his start with painting cars, his racing team and what we should expect out of his camp in the next few races.  A race recap of the Armed Forces Day Nationals is given and of course, THE hot topic of the Super Nationals is thrown into the mix.  Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls, episode 27 starts now!

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Episode #26 RCDRL Podcast Show

A new cast and crew with Merc’s new intro music were just hijacked! These two co-hosts snuck into the studio hit the record button on episode 26 of the RCDRL podcast show and did a pretty good job covering a variety of subjects. They discussed the upcoming events including the Armed Forces Day Nationals, the Comfort Technologies Memorial Day Nationals and of course the RLC Performance Engineering Super Nationals. Then got a little help with the race recap from the Allmark Impressions Thunder Nationals that the boys left off of episode 25. Hang on to your seats this one starts now!

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Episode #25 RCDRL Podcast Show

Disclaimer: Sorry for the audio with our guest mics. We tried to repair but no luck.

In this week’s episode of the RCDRL Podcast Show, Michael Mercadel and JD Crow invited Louisiana’s V.P. of Operations Mikey Alsobrooks to the show to chat it up about new track conditions, local members and how their gearing up for the RLC Super Nationals. Then we headed West to Southern California and dropped in on Tim Smith of the TSR Speed Shop. Sit back and hold on tight for some Fast Furious Family Fun dose of RC Drag Racing talk!

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Episode #24 RCDRL Podcast Show

In episode 24 the of the RCDRL Podcast Show host Michael Mercadel has guest Eric and Heather Bowman on the show. The Bowman’s give their perspective of the league and what it has done for their family in a very short time. They also flip the script on the host and begin a Q&A session of their own with him. Buckle up, sit back and relax as these three entertain you for the next couple hours with news, driver updates and their unique perspective the RCDRL.


Mike and Mike logo 4-23-2016 cut

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Traxxas Vehicles with TSM

Attention in the PITS! We have been having some ongoing questions about cars having TSM and another driver assist electronics during points competition.

Effective June 1st, 2017 all TSM receivers MUST be removed from all RC racing vehicles that are competing in ANY RCDRL event. (with the Extreme Outlaw class in Louisiana being the ONLY exception.)

This was worked out with Traxxas for ACTIVE RCDRL members ONLY. You must give your membership number when ordering your replacement part.

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