1st Annual Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals Recap!

The 1st Annual Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals brought 132 eager driver entries to flex their muscles down the RC quarter mile. Mother Nature tried to hold us down but we prevailed in the end after a three-hour weather delay. Big thanks to our title sponsor Summit Racing Equipment and retail sales associate Berry Hansen for coming out, setting up a display tent and giving away tons of great Summit swag!

Congratulations to all of our winners and runner-ups, and all 132 participants from the Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals! Congratulations to Joel Shipman for taking home the JConcepts.net HoleShot award with a brilliant .001 reaction time in round one eliminations.

In Traxxas Pro Funny Car, in the early rounds, Manuel Garca put a holeshot win over Eric Bowman in round one.  Garca then went on to earn the bye-run in round two.  He went on to defeat Randy Mayhew in the semi-finals earning him a spot in the finals. On the other side of the ladder, number 8 qualifier Scott Davis outlasted Darvionne Huddleston and Michael Mercadel in the early rounds. Davis, earned the bye-run in the semis to advance to face Garca in the finals  In what was a good side by side drag race until Davis barely crossed the center line handing the win to Garca.


In Young Gunners, number 5 qualifier Christian Russell plowed through the eight-car field earning him his third event win of the season. In the early rounds, Russell defeated Colby Taylor and Jaxson Bowman to advance to the finals  On the other half of the bracket, Trace Faulkner was also making his way to the finals. In the early rounds, he defeated Dallas Pfeil and Zack Shivers to earn a spot in the finals to face Russell.  In the finals, Christian Russell defeated Trace Faulkner in a close race earning him his third victory of the season.


In Pro Stock, the number one qualifier and newly crowned champion Jeremy Miller outlasted his chassis builder Alex Garca in round one.  In round two Miller defeated teammate Casey Baker to earn a spot in the Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock Final.  On the other side of the ladder, Ronald “RC” Jackson defeated Marcus Talamantez and Jill Miller to earn a spot in the finals also. During the finals, Jeremy Miller clicked on the red light and  RC Jackson drove on to victory earning him his first RCDRL career win.


In Traxxas Sportsman Funnycar, Manuel Garca had the funny car fever at the Summit Fall Nationals.  Garca outlasted Chris Markowski and Bill Wagner in the early rounds then went on to defeat Scott Davis in the semi-finals.  The 2018 Champion Eric Bowman advanced to his fifth final in a row to face Garca.  He earned the bye-run in round one then took out Trace Faulkner and his wife Heather Bowman in the semis.   In the finals, Bowman was going after his fifth playoff victory in a row but had problems off the starting line.  Manuel Garca went on to win earning the double up in Funny Car for the weekend.

In Street Eliminator, twenty-one drivers fought to make the sixteen car field.  Number fifteen qualifier Randy Mayhew defeated JD Crow, Manuel Garca, and Matthew Munson to advance to the Street Eliminator Final.  On the other side of the ladder, RCDRL rookie driver Duncan Jones defeated number one qualifier Kelly McCart in round one.  Jones went on to defeat heavyweights Jeff Schmidt, Jr. and Zack Shivers to advance to his first RCDRL Final.  In a close drag race, Duncan Jones earned his first victory defeating Randy Mayhew.

In Pro Mod, Jerry Shields defeated Mitch Vaughn in round one.  In round two he faced points leader Ant Wren.  He knew he had to cut a good light and outrun Wren’s Texas Hustler.  When the tree dropped Sheilds cut a slightly better light than Wren.  He went on to defeat Wren with a solid 1.596 to Wren’s 1.660.  In the semi-finals, Shields had to cut a holeshot to steal the win over Duwayne Cooley.  Cooley ran a quicker 1.432 to Sheilds slower but winning 1.452 to earn him a spot in the finals.  On the other side of the ladder Summit Racing Equipment Driver, Robert St. Pierre defeated Doug Crews and Darvionne Huddleston in the early rounds.  St. Pierre earned the bye-run in the semi-finals to advance to the Pro Mod Finals.  In the Pro Mod Finals, Jerry Shields drove onto victory when Robert St. Pierre clicked on the red light.

In the 2.50 Index Class, Joshua Mercadel outlasted his dad Michael Mercadel in round one and defeated Piper Munson in round two.  In the semi-finals, J. Mercadel defeated Jeff Schmidt, Jr. to advance to his first 2.50 Final of the season.  On the other side of the ladder, Chris Markowski defeated Thuan Dinh, Matthew Munson, and Brandon Mares to advance to the 2.50 Final.  In the finals, both drivers went red but Joshua Mercadel cut a worse red light and was disqualified handing the win over to Chris Markowski. With this win, Markowski is just one round away from clinching the championship.

In Top Fuel, number one qualifier David Goldstein defeated Robert St. Pierre and  David Mares to advance to the Top Fuel Final.  On the other side of the bracket, Willie Thomas defeated Donnie Johnson and Mitch Vaughn to earn a spot in the finals to face Goldstein. David Goldstein went on to victory when Willie Thomas became disqualified by hitting the wall and crossing the center line.




In Quick 16, eighteen drivers battled to make the sixteen car field.  Points leader Jeff Schmidt, Jr. defeated Joshua Mercadel, Alex Garca, and Eric Hancock to advance to the finals. On the other side of the ladder, Joel Shipman defeated Arizona’s Jim Schander and Oklahoma’s Nacho Thacker in the early rounds.  In the semi-finals, he defeated Chris Markowski in a very close race.    In the finals, Jeff Schmidt, Jr was only .030 off his dial to earn the victory over Joel Shipman.  With this victory, Schmidt leads the points chase by 48 points with one event to go.



In the All Run Bracket, Matthew Munson and Duncan Jones were heading towards a final round collision course.  Munson defeated Ted Morris, sister Piper Munson, and Eric Hancock in the early rounds. In the semi-finals, Munson defeated the nitro-powered dragster of Raymond Blanchard on a hole-shot.  Duncan Jones defeated Joel Shipman, Carl Russell, and Jeff Chambers in the early rounds.   Duncan was awarded the bye-run in the semi-finals to advance to his second RCDRL Final of the day.  Score another one for Jones as he is a perfect 2-0 in final round competition.  Jones defeated Munson in a good side by side drag race, but it was Munson going under his dial and breaking out handing the win over to Jones.

Special thanks to Kim Faulkner for her Dragtrac.com assistance. It was such a team effort to get this one in the books. Many thanks to so many members and non-members! Also great job by Jacquelyn Mares for heading up the Halloween costume contest, it was a blast!

Enjoy the rest of the photos taken from the 2018 Summit Racing Equipment RC Fall Nationals!

Scott Davis Runner-up in Traxxas Pro Funny Car
Joel Shipman Winner of the JConcepts HoleShot Award

DragTrac.com Stat Girls: Kim & Kelly
Joshua Mercadel Runner-up in 2.50 Index



Eric Bowman Runner- Up in Traxxas Sportsman Funny Car
Willie Thomas Runner-up in Top Fuel
Trace with the Runner-up spot in Young Gunners

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