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The Radio Controlled Drag Racing League (RCDRL) was founded in March of 2013, with the desire to provide the young, young at heart and those with special needs the opportunity to enjoy and compete in the thrill of drag racing competition.

League founder, Michael Mercadel, had a very special reason for starting the league, his son Joshua. Josh has Asperger’s Syndrome. Even though it has been a challenge at times, Joshua is such a blessing to his family. Josh has never been able to play competitive sports, for a variety of reasons (social cues, peer interaction, coordination issues, etc.), but Mike wanted to find something that he could share with his son, and would also give Josh that sense of participating in a competitive environment. Since the Mercadel’s are a drag racing family (Mike’s older daughter Rebekah was a NHRA Junior Drag racer during her teenage years), Mike thought this could also be an outlet for Josh. Josh, however wanted no part of it. Driving the cars was way too much for his senses. Fast forward to Christmas 2012. Josh was begging for a particular gift for Christmas….a radio controlled race car. Seeing how much Josh wanted this and the enthusiasm he seemed to have for it, Mike went for it, and bought him the car, the newly released TRAXXAS Funny Car. He also bought one for himself, so they could race together. After realizing how much fun he and Josh were having racing each other, Mike convinced a friend of his and his son to join in on the fun.

At that point, the wheels started turning in Mike’s head, and he thought how cool would it be to get a few families together and start a league. And with that, the RCDRL was born! What started as a hobby for a father and his son, is, as of today, a complete league that encompasses three states (Texas, Louisiana, and California), with about 350 registered participants, with about 200 current paid memberships.

We not only do this because it’s fun, but because we can offer a platform that allows everyone to compete on an equal level.

Giving Back

We also take a special interest in helping those around us. The RCDRL makes contributions, on a regular basis, to charities such as:
• Autism Speaks
• The Jaxon Anthony Memorial Foundation
• Coleson’s F.R.O.G
• National Children’s Cancer Society
• Plus many others

We believe in giving back and helping others. We have the benefit of having fun and loving what we do, and being able to help those in need is a large part of that.


Participants: 249 (TX:158, CA:60, LA:59)
Largest field of car entries: 225

Participants: 203 (TX:95, CA:48, LA:62)
Largest field of car entries: 106

** Stats are since inception of DragTrac. Participation numbers by state do not add up to total, it comprises of count of distinct racers at each venue, some racers are counted in each state as they travel.

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Family Friendly Competition

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Becoming a part of RCDRL has been a fantastic experience for my son and I on both a social and educational level. We are working together as a team as well as with other competitors to problem solve, test and implement improvements not only to our cars but to our group/club both locally and nationally. There are many classes to fit anyone's competitive level whether new to R/C or a veteran Drag racer.

Bringing family fun to a whole new level

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Joining the RCDRL a few years ago has been a positive experience and adventure for myself and my niece. Their a great group that's all about family and fun in a exciting rc experience you'll enjoy.

How great is this!

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I never knew ANYTHING about RC Drag racing. Not one thing. I have been a friend of Mike and his family since we were teenagers. I came to visit in June and Mike invited me down to the races. To say I was impressed with what I saw is putting it mildly. The work and the dedication that is put into this is OUTSTANDING. I was just a spectator, but from what I could see, all of the participants and officials were enjoying themselves. There were age groups from 6 to 60 racing. They were all very competitive, but also smiling and showing outstanding sportsmanship. That is what I enjoyed seeing. The joy this brought to those participating. As I took it all in, I got kind of teary, because, from what I understand, this started as just a hobby for Mike and his son, and he has turned it into this. This is truly incredible. The RCDRL is truly something the community around it can be proud of.

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