Louisiana Division Details

$sqlDate= date(‘Y-m-d’, time());


$nextRaceA=mysql_fetch_array(@mysql_query(“SELECT date_format(date,’%b %d, %Y’),date_format(time,’%l:%i %p’),location,eventName,raceNumber,trackFee,memberDisc,classFee,eventDescrip,eventNumber,date,time,setupTime from rcdrlc5_dragtrac.event where clubNumber=’$userClub’ and officialEvent=’Y’ and date>=’$sqlDate’ order by date asc”));

$countdownStartsA=mysql_fetch_array(@mysql_query(“SELECT raceNumber,eventNumber FROM rcdrlc5_dragtrac.event WHERE season=’$currentYear’ and clubNumber=’$userClub’ and countdownBegins=’Y’ limit 1″));

$query=”SELECT className from rcdrlc5_dragtrac.class where clubNumber=’$userClub’ and officialYears like ‘%$currentYear%’ order by className asc”;
$result=@mysql_query ($query);
if ($num >0)
while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result,MYSQL_NUM))
{ $officalClasses.=”* $row[0]

if (strlen($nextRaceA[8])>1) { $nextRacePresentedBy=” Presented By: $nextRaceA[8] “; } else { $nextRacePresentedBy=null;}

## handle sponsor graphic
if (file_exists(“$serverPath/site_dragtrac/sponsorImage/$eventNumber.jpg”))
{ list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize(“$serverPath/site_dragtrac/sponsorImage/$eventNumber.jpg”);
$ratio=250/$width; $ratioHeight=$height*$ratio;
if ($ratioHeight<250) { $imageAdjust=' width="250" '; } else { $imageAdjust= ' height="150" '; } $showGraphic="“;
elseif (file_exists(“$serverPath/site_dragtrac/sponsorImage/$eventNumber.png”))
{ list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize(“$serverPath/site_dragtrac/sponsorImage/$eventNumber.png”);
$ratio=250/$width; $ratioHeight=$height*$ratio;
if ($ratioHeight<250) { $imageAdjust=' width="250" '; } else { $imageAdjust= ' height="150" '; } $showGraphic="“;

if ($nextRaceA[11]>’00:01′)
{ $dateTime=”$nextRaceA[10] $nextRaceA[11]”;
$setupTime= date(‘g:i A’, strtotime(“-4 hours”,strtotime($dateTime)));
$tntEnd= date(‘g:i A’, strtotime(“-15 minutes”,strtotime($dateTime)));
else { $setupTime=’TBA’; $tntEnd=’TBA’; $qualStarts=’TBA’;}

if ($nextRaceA[11]>’00:01′)
{ $dateTime=”$nextRaceA[10] $nextRaceA[11]”;
$tntEnd= date(‘g:i A’, strtotime(“-15 minutes”,strtotime($dateTime)));
else { $tntEnd=’TBA’; $qualStarts=’TBA’;}

if ($nextRaceA[12]>’00:01′)
{ $setupTime= date(‘g:i A’,strtotime($nextRaceA[12]));
else { $setupTime=’TBA’; }

if (strlen($nextRaceA[0])>1)
{ if ($currentRaceNumber==1)
{ $firstSentence=”\n

It’s time to kick off a new season at the Radio Controlled Drag Racing League!

$nextRaceA[3], $nextRaceA[0] is the first race of a $totalRaceSeason race championship season. So come out and join us, start earning championship points, and see if you have what it takes to be crowned season champion.

“; }
elseif ($currentRaceNumber==2)
{ $firstSentence=”\n

The first race of the $currentYear season is in the books. Moving into the $nextRaceA[3], the winners hope to keep the momentum going, the rest are working to improve things in race two. So come out, join us, and see if you have what it takes to be crowned season champion.

The playoffs start after race $countdownStarts. The season points all reset then so everybody still has opportunity to make that Championship run.

“; }
elseif ($countdownStarts>=$currentRaceNumber)
{ $firstSentence=”\n

The RCDRL Drag Racing Series gets closer to the playoffs. $nextRaceA[0] is race $currentRaceNumber of $totalRaceSeason races leading to the “.$racesInCountdown.” race Championship Countdown.

The pressure will be mounting on all the points leaders and those trying to make their moves as the playoffs get closer. The Championship of the $totalRaceSeason race season is on the line.

\n”; }
else { $firstSentence=”\n

The RCDRL playoffs are here!

This is race $currentRaceNumber of the $totalRaceSeason race season, and race $playoffRaceNumber of the $racesInCountdown race Countdown to the Championship. The pressure is on those trying to win a season championship, but don’t count out the racers on the outside of the countdown as they look to take home an event win and some beautiful Allmark Impressions hardware.

echo $firstSentence.’


echo ‘

Raffles, Racing, Food and Fun at the RC Drag Races in Kenner, Louisiana!

Welcome to the Radio Controlled Drag Racing League RC Drag Racing Series!

Watch for FREE, race for FUN or become an RCDRL member and COMPETE in a season long points Championship battle! Drag race any kind of RC vehicle, on or off-road, from 1/4 scale to 1/24 scale.

We have members from 5 years old to 85 years young! Everyone is welcome in this family friendly environment! Events are held on a 1/10th scale quarter mile drag strip (132ft.), prepped just like the full scale tracks do.

‘.$totalRaceSeason.’ Events, ‘.$numberOfClasses.’ Classes, ‘.$numberOfClasses.’ Champions… will you be one?

We are racing:


Refer to the class list on DragTrac, or the RCDRL Rulebook for more details on class specifications.


if (strlen($nextRaceA[0])>1)
{ echo ‘

Earn points with every round of racing. Win awards at every race!

Come join the racing, music, food and fun at the ‘.$nextRaceA[3].$nextRacePresentedBy.’!!!

Only \$’.($nextRaceA[5]+$nextRaceA[7]).’ to race in your 1st class category (Members only \$’.($nextRaceA[5]+$nextRaceA[7]-$nextRaceA[6]).’), and \$’.$nextRaceA[7].’ each additional class category.

‘.$showGraphic.’Next Race: #’.$currentRaceNumber.’ of ‘.$totalRaceSeason.’

‘.$nextRaceA[8].’ Presents:

Events held at:
The Esplanade Mall
1401 W Esplanade Ave
Kenner, LA 70065

Setup: ‘.$setupTime.’
Test-N-Tune: Completion of set up until ‘.$tntEnd.’
Qualifying Starts ‘.$qualStarts.’



#echo “nr $nextRaceA[5]


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